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Girl on Fire

“Through the collaborative effort with Worldwide Books and Art, I have been able to realise my dream of becoming an Author. More than that, is the pride that comes with being recognised by industry leaders for being inspiring and a great writer too”.

Girl on Fire by Tivania Moodley - R130

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Fangs Of Fury

Fangs of Fury by Paul Zunckel - R190.00

PE Express newspaper’s report about Paul Zunckel



5,0 sur 5 étoiles: brilliant and unexpected
29 novembre 2018
Format: Format Kindle

Paul Zunckel is such a great writer and storyteller. What a plot, what an amazing choice of characters for this thrilling, heart-breaking, horrifying novel. So much humanity in some so-called beasts, so much bestiality in some so-called humans. This story would be a blockbuster on a big screen… Thumbs up and thank you Mister Zunckel!


Val Crowson Author of Search for the Words

The author is a born and bred South African, with a penchant for word problems and anything to do with the spoken language. After many years in education, the creation of the puzzles was merely an extension of materials used whilst in the classroom. Upon retirement, time became available to the creating, sorting, collating and eventually publishing of these wordsearches.

Worldwidebooks& Arts has provided the platform for the publishing of these puzzles, in a personalised manner. This started after meeting with management before signing of the contract, through to editing and eventual publication. Without their dedication, the publication of the wordsearches would not have come to fruition.

Colleen Clifford Author of the Rosie series

This company is amazing. you have literally changed my life. your service and your dedication are amazing. you offer me and others a service that is unsurpassed by any other publishing house and you are not greedy. you are here to serve and for that I am eternally grateful. thank you Connie and Henry

Piet Pienaar Author of “Dit was aand en dit was môre”

Dit was aand- Social Media Cover

Connie and Henry Smith
Just a word about you and your company’s services experienced so far, from my point of view.
When my manuscript was completed, I’ve sent concepts of the book to various publishers.
Only 3 returned to say that they want the full manuscript. Worldwide Books and Art was the first to react, not only by internet but also direct by phone to introduce themselves.
There were no hidden costs added after payment. With all included and by comparison the prise is good.
They left me feel in control by giving me many options: Lay-out, fonts, amount of words per page etc.
The people they use are highly professional and potent. The artist has got exceptional talents; she gave me many examples of the book cover to choose from, it must have taken many hours. In the end I asked her to combine two into one, which she did with distinction.
We are near the publishing stage now and I believe that the outcome of
distributing, marketing and selling will be done with the same zest.
This is my first book and after working with Worldwide Books and Art on so many different matters concerning the book, (even after hours) I am starting to feel like a real writer and part of the believing Worldwide Books and Art family. Your logo’s words are so true.
Thank you so much, so far.

Jan Smit, Author of “Voetspore vir almal”

Worldwide Books and Art

Vyf en veertig jaar se gediggie skrywe elke dag
Geduldig so in die anale my tydjie gesit en af wag
Wat het my besiel om te gaan sit en woorde neerpen
Dit is net my vroutjie en vriende wat my gediggies ken

Nou moet ek bieg hier begin eintlik my gediggie storie
Ek het ‘n naam gekry en toe sien ek die opskrifte en glorie
Jan jy moet ‘n plan maak jou ouderdom is besig om te wen
So het ek toe die naam bekyk en dit probeer vaspen

Ek het al begin soek na Worldwide Books and Art
En dink jy nou ek kry hulle op enige padkaart
Met ‘n persoon by name van Connie Kruger het ek gepraat
Oor die foon ivm my bundel wat is haar raad

Nou korrespondeer ons oor die e-pos elke dag
Vir daardie bundel en sy inhoud ek kan nie wag
Nou het Henry Smith ook nog by ons aan gesluit
Hy het my alles vertel van die Maatskapy se beleid

My wederhelf kan elke oggend nie wag om te lees
Is daar enige iets van my bundel soek hul nog idees
Nou het daardie woordjie wag wat ek verpes begin
Vroutjie lief moet net mooi praat Jan jy moet besin

Ek wil net dankie sê vir vir julle as ‘n gedugte span
Julle het ‘n vuurtjie in hierdie oumens laat opflam
My wens is nog om ‘n gesig te plaas agter ‘n stem
Ek weet saam met julle kan hierdie oumens net wen

Jan Smit, skrywer van Voetspore vir almal.

Voetspore vir almal fb

Purity Makhanya, Author of “ I loved him too much “

I would like to take this opportunity to give my consent in writing out this.
It was a great experience to be working with you, my readers loved the book a lot and it did the best.
Thank you for achieving my writing goals and believing in me. I will recommend your service to new writers.

God bless
Thank you

Building my Character by Cleopatra Phakathi - R120

Thank you very much for a well written,inspiring and building book:BUILDING MY CHARACTER. As a parent I enjoyed reading the book as it covered the basic principles to help our kids develop a good character from a very young age. Like they say, a character is who we really are when no one is watching, this book is very relevant now, considering how many young people of this generation are ill mannered with no respect and love to the elders. I believe this book is also aiming help alleviate the current situation our young people are facing for our children are the youth and  leaders of tomorrow. The other thing that excites me about this book is that, our children won’t just grow and be qualified academics or business owners but they will be professionals with GOOD CHARACTER-what great leaders they will be tomorrow.

My son, Nkosi’s reflection: he says he learnt about the difference between negative and positive thoughts and why we must not entertain negative thoughts as they will take us no where.

I was trully humbled when I heard him say this and actually applying it in his life. This book came in at the right them-they future of our kids looks BRIGHTER AND I’m trully grateful.


Sepedi Books

Well done Worldwide, this is a great improvement to last year’s books. I am so proud of your company. These books look like any international book one can find in Exclusive Books. The fact that they are in Sepedi is a PLUS.

I love them.

Tivania Moodley, Author of Girl on Fire

“The services of Worldwide Books and Art has been nothing short of amazing. Connie has supported my vision and work from the manuscript stage and has guided me every step of the way. The professionalism, courtesy and kindness is unparalleled and Connie has often gone over and above her duties to help me however she could. I would recommend Worldwide Books and Art to anyone who considers self-publishing, both for the service and the compassion of the owners to see everyone become a success” – Tivania Moodley, Author of Girl on Fire

Thabile, Author of “The morning after”

Firstly I would love to thank World Wide Books and Arts for publishing my short story which is my first book. From the time we have worked together, the experience has been great, I like how you respond in time and how you treat me like I’m your  only client.
My suggestions would be to improve on your marketing, I think putting the book on your website is not enough as many people won’t see it. More efforts should be placed on marketing and advertising the book to the public. I would also suggest for the website to have a buying link for the books which is much easier than requesting them via email.
But overall the service has been great and I hope it will continue to be great as we still have a long way to go with my book.
Thank you for the amazing work and continue to flourish! !
The Author of “The morning after”

Hi Thabile, thank you so much for your honest feedback, we appreciate it and we are committed to develop our Marketing network. It is however a slow and frustrating process.
We also will not be bound or limited by the one year contract period and will extend our Marketing services to you to ensure that you get maximum exposure to the market.