Our Services

We render the following services, by professional Service Providers:

  • Application for ISBN and design of the Bar Code thereof
  • Cover design and lay-out
  • Translations
  • Illustrations
  • Full editing
  • Printing of two proof copies, of which the Writer/Author receives one to check and sign off once he/she is satisfied with the result
  • Corrections/amendments if any
  • Proof reading
  • Printing of the approved copies, of which the Author receives ten copies
  • Advertising, Marketing and Distribution of the book in the market
  • Distribution of the relevant copies to “The Places of Legal Deposit” as per “The Legal Deposit Act 54 of 1997”

Our advertising and marketing strategy includes the following:

  • Direct marketing to Nursery Schools, Schools, Universities, Churches, private Libraries and Bookshops
  • Direct marketing at Festivals, Events and Functions
  • Books are listed on the Nielsen’s- and SA Booksellers buyers lists for distribution to main line Book Stores and Agencies
  • Advertising, marketing and distribution on our Social Media pages
  • Direct marketing on Road Trips that we do through South Africa and Namibia

The Writer/Author remains the sole Owner of the manuscript and all material used in the publishing process which normally takes twelve weeks. Due to this time span, we offer a down payment of the Contract Value, over three months.

Should you refer a Writer/Author to us and we enter into a Publishing Contract with him/her, we will pay you an incentive of one thousand rand upon signing of the Contract. Worldwide Books and Art PTY Ltd is a registered Company, and we are also registered with PASA.